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St Alban's Catholic High School

St Alban's
Catholic High School


At St Albans Catholic High School Safeguarding and Child Protection are regarded as the single most important aspect of each person's role.

If you feel that a young person is at risk, or is the subject of abuse, you should contact a member of the Safeguarding Team.

Members of staff with a safeguarding concern should complete a referral form.

Safeguarding Team

Name Role
Miss A Alleyne Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs L Lawrence Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs C Land Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs H Arthur Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr J Toombs Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead

Members of staff with a safeguarding concern should complete and hand over a referral form to one of the team.

When raising a safeguarding concern or an allegation of abuse against a person working with Children and Young People (up to the age of 18) please inform the Headteacher immediately in person, or the Deputy, if the Headteacher is not present.

To view our Safeguarding Policy click here

To view our Prevent Action Plan click here

St Alban's Early Help Offer 

Form Tutors

Your child’s form tutor is the person in school who knows them best. They see them each day and are trained in how to identity any early signs that a young person might have an issue that is worrying them.  Form tutors can put interventions in place to support your child by assessing need and then signposting to the most appropriate help.


Pastoral Support

Our pastoral team support the work of the Heads of Year.  They will follow up on any behaviour or wellbeing issues across the school, and they are linked to a specific year group to help develop positive and supportive relationships.  The key pastoral support are separated across each key stage, these key people are:

  • Mrs H Arthur – KS3 Student Support Manager
  • Mrs B Thomas – KS3 Student Support Worker
  • Mrs C Land – KS4 Student Support Manager
  • Miss C Webber – KS4 Student Support Worker
  • Mrs L Lawrence – Head of Sixth Form
  • Mr J Toombs – KS5 Student Support



Heads of Year

Our Heads of Year are teaching staff who also have responsibility for a specific year group. They monitor attendance, behaviour and progress along with wellbeing.


Safeguarding Team

Our safeguarding lead is Miss Alleyne.  She is part of the schools Senior Leadership Team.  To support Miss Alleyne, and deputise in her absence the following staff also have the designated safeguarding lead qualification: Mrs Arthur, Mrs Land, Mrs Lawrence and Mr Toombs. If you have any safeguarding concerns staff can be emailed directly or you can report concerns via our online reporting tool, Reported…Sorted!! This can be found on the school website, and from a link on the school computers.


Youth Mental Health First Aiders

We have across the school staff who are trained in mental health first aid. This is something that we continue to expand. The YMHFA qualification develops knowledge to allow staff to support low-level mental health concerns. It also allows staff to signpost students to external help such as or relevant support such as the emotional wellbeing hub.


ELSA stands for Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. Our school ELSA is Ms M Bikritski, ELSA support in schools is an intervention designed to help schools support the emotional needs of their students.

ELSA acknowledges that children and young people learn best when they feel happier and their emotional needs are being addressed. ELSA interventions are designed to last around six weeks, but can in certain circumstance last a little longer, for example ten weeks.



Our school chaplain Emma Garstang provides spiritual support to students. Our chapel provides a quiet space for students to come and engage in activities in a calm environment. The chaplain can also provide support during difficult times such as bereavement and helps to enrich the RE curriculum.


School Attendance Team

Our school attendance team work with our wider pastoral team to identify students who have a pattern of decreasing attendance and they put in place interventions aimed at promoting good attendance.  This team also has a school attendance lead who has responsibility for working with students and families where a young person has significant attendance issues.


School Nursing Team

The wider school nursing service will continue to do their fortnightly drop-in sessions and be available for us to refer students to.  This team also operates a text service for students to give them access to the school nursing service.


School Counsellor – 4YP

We employ a school counsellor who supports identified students through a six-week period of one-to-one counselling.  Like the mental health services outside of school, therapeutic support is a provision that is over-subscribed and waiting lists for our school counsellor can occur at busy times.


Extended Registration Programme and PYF (PSHEE)

Each fortnight students stay with their form tutor for an extended period. The aim of the extended registration programme is to teach students aspects of safeguarding to help them stay safe. The PYF programme (Preparing for Your Future), which happens once per term develops personal and social skills. Broad themes that are covered include under both programmes include: online safety, healthy relationships, first aid, team building, mental health and wellbeing, healthy lifestyles, careers, financial support and advice