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St Alban's Catholic High School

St Alban's
Catholic High School

Society and Faith

At St Alban’s every Sixth Form student gets the unique opportunity to engage in a timetabled lesson on society and faith. Students have the opportunity to discuss and debate issues that involve spirituality, morality, theology, philosophy, current affairs and other important topics.

Students also develop their evaluative, reasoning and debating skills in a respectful and safe environment. This allows our students to develop as a person morally and spiritually, as well as academically assisting them with the skills needed to achieve at A Level.

Students discuss the following areas in society and faith;

- Prejudice and Discrimination

- Catholic Life

- Service for others

- Sexual Ethics

- Morality

- Faith

- Medical Ethics

- Forgiveness

- Current Issues

At St Alban’s we encourage all students whatever their beliefs to engage in meaningful and respectful debate. Society and faith allows students to understand and question ideas and beliefs as well as developing their views and opinions on important topics.