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St Alban's Catholic High School

St Alban's
Catholic High School


Psychology is the science of the mind

Psychologists use human behaviour as a clue to the workings of the mind. Although we cannot observe the mind directly, everything we do, think, feel and say is determined by the functioning of the mind.

Psychologists take human behaviour as the raw data for testing their theories about how the mind works. The aims of the Psychology Department are to develop students’ interest in, and enthusiasm for the subject including developing an interest in progression to higher education and vocations in Psychology. 

The course allows students to appreciate the scientific nature of Psychology and engage in contemporary debates through an understanding of research. They will develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of the subject and how they relate to each other as well as how they relate to everyday life.

A brilliant A Level Psychology student will…

  • Have an enquiring & open mind
  • Want answers for why humans behave the way they do
  • Enjoy exploring classic and contemporary research into human behaviour
  • Be prepared to explore & debate topics from different perspectives
  • Not be afraid to ask and explore difficult and often sensitive questions...

Students will follow the Edexcel A Level course. This will be assessed via external examination at the end of year 13. There is no course work, although you will carry out practical research tasks throughout the course.

Topics to be covered during year 12 & 13…

Paper 1 - Foundations of Psychology (30%)

Paper 2 - Applications of Psychology (35%)

Paper 3 - Psychological Skills (35%)

Social Psychology

  • Obedience & Prejudice

Cognitive Psychology

  • How memory works

Biological Psychology

  • Theories of agression

Learning Theories

  • Learnt behaviour such as phobias

Clinical Psychology

  • Diagnosis of mental illnesses
  • Explanations and treatments for Schizophrenia and Anorexia

and one other unit

a)      Criminological

b)      Child

c)      Health

Review of classic studies

Research methods

Issues and debates such as…

  • Culture and gender issues in Psychology
  • Psychology as a science
  • How Psychology has developed over time
  • Nature VS Nurture