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St Alban's
Catholic High School


Law Curriculum overview: Pearson Level 3 BTEC Applied Law

Year 12 

The Law BTEC (equivalent to AS level) aims to set a foundation of knowledge of the legal system in preparation for a legal career, or indeed to give a general overview for informed Citizenship.

Students are given a grasp of legal research methods, correct legal terminology and referencing in the context of investigating the Criminal Law.  We explore the fatal offences of Murder and Manslaughter and non-fatal offences of Assault, ABH and GBH.  The student knowledge is extended to consider the sovereignty of Parliament and controversial issues such as the interpretation of legislation in different contexts. We finish the year 12 course by investigating the legal process in the European Law making institutions.  This year is assessed by an open book internally set written assessment.

Year 13 

Year 13: Students in year 13 build on the skills developed in year 12 to investigate the Civil Law.  We look at the key differences between the Criminal and Civil law, including methods to resolve disputes outside of court.  Students analyse the doctrines of precedent, duty of care and burden of proof, as well as the apportionment of damages to a claimant.

This year is assessed by an examination set by the exam board (Pearson)


All students are supported in this course to access, enjoy, and achieve.  Text books and a variety of reference materials are all provided by each student to facilitate learning. The open book and applied nature of the course facilitate flexible learning for a variety of student abilities and circumstances.


Reading list:

Wacks, R, Law: A very short introduction Oxford 2015

Sentencing guidelines: