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St Alban's Catholic High School

St Alban's
Catholic High School


Ofsted School Inspection Report

The school was inspected on 21st-22nd January 2020. The outcome of the inspection is that the school has been judged as ‘Good’.

St Alban’s is a Catholic school where Christian values have a positive influence on its members. Pupils understand the importance of the school community. They are polite, mature and considerate towards others. They respect and look after each other. Staff and pupils help new pupils to quickly become part of the school.


Section 48 Inspection

In the past, Catholic schools have been open to government inspection of all aspects of their work other than simply Religious Education. Inspections were carried out by Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools (HMI) who reported to the Secretary of State on the quality of education provided. The Education (Schools) Act 1992 transferred this responsibility to the Chief Inspector for England who heads the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED). This was further ratified by the Education Act 2005 and the Education and Inspections Act 2007.
Under Section 48 of the Act, the governors of Catholic schools must now ensure that Religious Education is inspected at prescribed intervals. These are known as Section 48 Inspections.
The report on Religious Education (RE) is produced for the Bishop, who under Canon Law 804 and 806, has responsibility for schools in the diocese, and for the Governing Body of the schools concerned.

Our school as inspected in September and we are delighted to share our Section 48 Inspection report which can be viewed by clicking here

Section 48 Visit September 2019