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St Alban's Catholic High School

St Alban's
Catholic High School

Information for Staff

Information for Staff 

Form Tutors will often be the first port of call for students with questions about Post-16 and Post-18 
options and the Careers Team will work with you to support your tutees.
It should be the aim of teaching staff to link curriculum learning to careers and provide an appropriate combination of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) activities which are appropriate to their students’ needs. There should be a clear focus on development of enterprise and employability skills, including opportunities for developing entrepreneurial skills for self-employment.

As part of our commitment to providing our students with opportunities to raise aspirations, develop employability skills and make informed choices about their futures, we hold a Tuesday Career Insight talk. 
We have invited a wide range of employers, training providers, motivational speakers and ambassadors to come into school and network with our students. Please encourage them to come along!

How the Careers Team can help
- We are able to offer support with CV writing, speculative letter writing, job application forms and interview 
- We can support students in Year 12 with contacts for work experience placements 
- We have developed strong relationships with employers and alumni who would be happy to work with you 
to contribute to the delivery of learning in your classroom
- We offer individual student careers interviews in Year 11 and 13 carried out by a qualified Careers Adviser, 
but if you feel a younger student would benefit from an interview please let us know and we can arrange 
- If you are looking for an employer to come into your lesson – we may be able to help
- If you have a specific request or require further information, please contact a member of the Careers Team

How you can help

- If there is some information you would like or something you would like us to do for your students, please 
do speak to us
- Encourage students to start thinking early on about their options and routes into possible jobs and 
careers. Some students may need to make early applications in Year 13 for Oxbridge courses, so 
preparation before this point is very helpful to them 
- Encourage students to be aware of how they can develop their employability skills during their time at 
- Encourage your students to attend the Career Insight lunchtime sessions 
- Encourage students to make use of the careers resources and make use of the information, advice and 
guidance available from the Careers Team while they are at school. It is important that our students start 
to think about their options

We are always pleased to hear your feedback on the careers programme and activities that you have taken part in, or those that your students have been involved in.

All information published above will be reviewed January 2024