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St Alban's Catholic High School

St Alban's
Catholic High School

Catholic Life

Diocesan Inspection Report

Catholic Schools are also subject to a Diocesan Inspection, carried out under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005.

For further information regarding this please see this page

Religious Education

The aim of Religious Education at St Alban’s is to develop young people who are religiously literate and have the knowledge, understanding and skills to think spiritually, ethically and theologically, who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life, and who have also been helped to become mature and committed in their beliefs and values. We support and reassure all our students as they question and seek to formulate their ideas and beliefs by providing a sound theological and scriptural basis on which to frame them.

Serving our community

At St Alban’s we serve our school community in a number of ways. Community service is more than an admirable option. It is about serving all within our local Catholic environment. Service activities are fundamental to Catholic education and core to Catholic discipleship. As a school we have undertaken a range of activities that embodies our distinctiveness as a Catholic school and to empower the young people in our care through Faith in Action initiatives.

Weekly Mass

Each Wednesday, students are invited to celebrate Mass together. This allows students to pray and reflect on the Word of God and to receive the Eucharist. All students are welcome irrespective of their faith tradition.

Mass throughout the school year

The school community comes together to celebrate key events in the Church’s liturgical calendar. This enhances the school’s Catholic identity and enables both students and staff to grow in the knowledge and understanding of God. We also celebrate Mass to mark key events in a students’ life at St Alban’s; Year 7 Welcome, Year 11 preparing for examinations and a Year 13 Leaver’s. Each of the Houses celebrate their Saints feast day beginning with Mass and composing of fundraising events to support the Schools’ charities.

Ethos and Values

The word ‘ethos’ comes from a Greek word (εθοσ) for custom or habit. It therefore refers to the characteristic conduct of an individual human life or group of people, the distinctive spirit of a culture or an era that can be objectively described and personally experienced. In short, an ‘ethos’ is a way of living, behaving and doing things by people who, though diverse, follow common values and are united by a shared vision of life. It is often therefore used in a way that is closely linked with ‘culture’ and ‘philosophy’. The Governors and staff at St Alban’s are strongly committed to building and strengthening the Catholic ethos of the school and through our affiliation with Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Trust to develop every individual and allow them to grow in God’s spirit.


The school recognises the importance of ‘time away’ from regular routine and offers students a variety of Reflection Days. Years 7 - 11 have a one day retreat which gives time for reflection and prayer to help them grow emotionally, socially and spiritually. These days are often supported by the Ignite Team, local Christian Youth Workers and CAFOD.

The Importance of Prayer

Prayer plays a pivotal part in the daily life of each member of our school community.  A prayer bell calls each Tutor Group to prayer at the start of the school day, either in form time or during Assembly.  Prayer can take many forms; traditional prayers, reflection time or choosing a prayer based on personal choice.  The Chapel is also open at break time and lunch time for staff and students ‘to catch’ a quiet moment in their day.  A Rosary Group, led by students, meets weekly in the Chapel.

St Alban

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