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What do our current year 12 students say...

"Sixth Form at St Alban's is special. It has a great community, and its staff actively engage with the students - understanding our needs and acting upon them. Its nurturing environment allows us to gain that all important foundation, to create a strong platform for our future". - Clive Sam


"I chose St Alban's Sixth Form because I felt that even though I were to still continue to work in a jam-packed school day, I would be able to gain the mindset of working hard for extended periods of time, which I thought could be useful as I wish to pursue a medical degree and so the ability to study efficiently would come in very handy. Also, due to the smaller class sizes, I feel that the interaction between students and teachers within the classroom is a lot more valuable as queries about subject contents can be asked more frequently and help can be given when necessary more regularly”. - Patrick Morelos


Sixth Form at St Alban's has a lot of community spirit, especially since we are involved with many charitable events where we can come up with ideas in groups. They usually end in success because often we have fun! A-levels are obviously hard, but it's like that anywhere you go, but the support from St Alban's exceeded my expectations - Brinta Abraham