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Student Heads of School Welcome

Dear Year 12 students,

Niall - Student Head of School

Hi, my name is Niall and I am pleased to be one of the heads of the school alongside Meadow. I am currently studying Maths, Biology and Physics at A-Level and I aim to pursue a course in aerospace engineering at university. Outside of my studies, I enjoy keeping fit through sports and spending time with friends. I am also a registered lifeguard in Felixstowe and I have enjoyed swimming for many years. I am honoured to represent you and look forward to making a positive impact on the St Alban's community.

Sam Newman

Meadow - Student Head of School

Hello! I'm Meadow and I am one of the heads of the school alongside Niall. I've been at St Alban's since year 7 and I am currently studying French, Sport and Biology. Outside of school, I have been playing netball from a young age and I take part in lots of umpiring and coaching as well. With this position, I will continue being a positive role model and an enthusiastic representative of the school.

Zac - Deputy Student Head of School

I am Zac, one of the new deputy heads of school at St Alban's. I am currently studying English language, History, Philosophy and ethics and BTEC law. I’m planning to go on and study law at university. Outside of school, I am captain of Ipswich rugby club and represent eastern counties in rugby. As a new deputy head of school, I will put my best foot forward and will make a positive impact as a big representative of St Alban's

Maddie - Deputy Student Head of School

My name is Madeleine and I have been at St Albans since year 7, I’m dedicated to helping out teachers and students alike whilst deputy head of school. I love to read and talk about books and when I move to University I plan on studying English Literature! I’m also a huge football and F1 fan and have so many more interests. I hope to be a friendly face to everyone!

Lucy Brace

Henry - Environmental Committee

Hi, I’m Henry, Chair of the Environmental Committee. I’m currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science. I look forward to making an impact on school life and the school environment.

Annabel Gorham

Ruby - Events, Sports and Communication Commitee

I am Ruby, the new head of events I currently study English Language, Philosophy and History I am planning to go into further education around the topic of Philosophy. Outside of school I take part in extra curriculums and am attending a pilgrimage to Fatima this summer, I hope to create a fun atmosphere at St Alban's that encourages all students to attend school and embrace themselves.

Victoria Oakley

Susan - Chaplaincy Committee

Hi, I am Susan, joint chair of Chaplaincy. I am currently taking Textiles, Economics, Psychology and Health and Social Care. With my Chaplaincy role, I hope that all students will have the opportunity to grow in their faith and have space for reflection.. 

Victoria Oakley

Chloe - Chaplaincy Commitee

My name is Chloë Beeston and I am the joint chair of chaplaincy. I am currently studying music, history and English language for my A-levels and hope to study music at university. I have been a member of a Cathedral standard church choir for nine years and have had piano lessons since I was six. As the new chair of chaplaincy, I hope to help students expand their faith and have faith at the school flourish.

Heba - Wellebing and Mental Health Commitee

Hello, I am Heba, one of the chairs of the well-being committee in the student council. The subjects I currently take are Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Outside of school I take a passion in my hobbies mainly being art. With the skills I attain from my experiences and hobbies, I hope to pursue dentistry. I take pride in having the opportunity to help student who are struggling in school and I hope the community will grow to appreciate the work our team will assist in to make the school environment the best it can be! 

Victoria Oakley

Emilijia - Wellbeing and Mental Health Commitee

I am Emilija, the co-head of mental health and wellbeing here at St. Alban's. I am currently in the process of studying History, Government & Politics, Psychology and English language and I am working towards being able to study Archaeology at the University of York. In the last few years, I have had the pleasure to work with my best friend to build a charity organisation to help improve the mental health of young people suffering from chronic illnesses - this has also involved the illustration of a new children's picture book on the topic that we are hoping to launch in the near future. I am very excited to be able to contribute to the betterment of student well-being here and I hope to be able to shape our community to be an even kinder and more supportive one.

Victoria Oakley

Taylor & Alex - Diversity and Inclusion Commitee 

Hi! We are Taylor and Alex - the chairs of the Sixth Form Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Our main aim is to create a school environment where every student feels included and celebrated, irrespective of their identity and/or values - thus facilitating our community to thrive and become more intimate so each and every student can feel safe and comfortable.

Throughout our time here, this school has given us many memories, experiences and opportunities - now it is our chance to give back.