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Michael Collins

I left St Alban’s Sixth Form in 2014.

I studied at St Alban's from year 7 right through to end of Sixth Form.

So many memories were made at St Alban’s. Funnily enough a good friend of mine who I trained to be a nurse with studied there too, it's just he left a bit earlier then me albeit in 1995!

I studied, Philosophy and Ethics, Geography, during sixth form. One of my fondest memories was the Geography trip to the Peak District, clambering through mines and up peaks. And getting back to the hostel and having 'raves' to dizzee rascal.

Currently since qualifying I work as a nurse in Ipswich. My role is to manage patients conditions from their own home, most of which  are chronic conditions. This involves an array of approaches and solutions to ensure patient independence whilst managing their needs.

This job helps to keep admissions down in the hospital, and allows patients to be treated in their own homes. No two days are the same I can say that! Every patient has a different back story from WW2 pilots to company executives, all requiring a different approach to their care.