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St Alban's
Catholic High School

2020 Exams - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I appeal my results?

When the school receives the calculated results from the awarding bodies, we will look at them carefully to ensure that they reflect fairly the information that the school submitted.  If we spot any anomalies, we will carry out an investigation and appeal with the awarding body where necessary.  There is no facility to appeal an individual result.


Can I find out what my centre assessment grade was?

You can request to see the centre assessment grade that the school submitted to the awarding body.  However, you should be mindful that the centre assessment grade was only part of the calculation that formed your final grade and that the school will have already reviewed your calculated results prior to you receiving them. Centre assessment grades may have been adjusted up or down during the awarding bodies’ standardisation process.  

Please bear in mind that knowing your centre assessment grade will not change your final result, so do think carefully before requesting this information.

If, after due consideration, you wish to access your centre assessment grades, please make a formal request via the school email address to


Will there be an opportunity for me to sit an exam if I think I could achieve better than the grade I have been awarded this summer?

There will be an opportunity to sit exams that you were originally entered for in summer 2020.

There will be no non-examined assessment in the autumn series, except for in art & design subjects (art, graphics and textiles), and any non-examined assessment already completed will not count – results from the autumn series will be based on examinations only.

A level exams will take place between 5th and 23rd October 2020.

GCSE exams will take place between 2nd and 23rd November 2020.

Deadlines for entry are as follows:

A-level – 12.00pm 2nd September 2020

GCSE (except English Language and Mathematics) – 12.00pm 17th September 2020

GCSE English Language and Mathematics –12.00pm 1st October 2020

You will need to complete an Autumn Resit Form which is available below

Further information about dates of exams, results days, and any additional information, will be posted on the school website as and when it becomes available.