St Alban's Catholic High School

Staff List 2019-20

Director Diocesan Schools’ Commission

Mrs Julie O’Connor


Chair of Governors

Mrs Joanna McCall


Chief Executive Officer – Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Multi-Academy Trust

Mrs Teresa Selvey


St Alban's Catholic High School Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Baker - Headteacher

Mr S Corless – Deputy Headteacher

Mr N Berry – Assistant Headteacher (secondment)

Mr J Horne – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs L Lawrence – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs S Morris – Head of Sixth Form


Head of Pastoral Care and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr J Horne


Key Stage 5

Mrs R Robinson – Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Current Vacancy – Key Stage 5 Student Support Lead


Key Stage 4

Mrs L Roberts – Head of Year 11

Mr B Deacon – Head of Year 10

Mrs L Dowe– Head of Year 9

Mrs C Land - Key Stage 4 Student Support Manager


Key Stage 3

Mrs H Lewis – Head of Year 8

Miss A Alleyne – Head of Year 7

Mrs H Arthur - Key Stage 3 Student Support Lead


Teaching Staff

Miss A Alleyne - MFL

Miss K Barnes - Psychology

Mrs E Benyon - Music

Miss C Bright - Science

Mrs J Broxton - Head of ICT & Computing

Mrs J Codd - Subject Development Leader (Science)

Mrs S Clapson - English

Miss L Compton - English

Mr B Deacon - PE

Miss C Dunderdale - Science

Miss L Dowe - Textiles

Mrs M Forty - Maths

Miss H Foster - RE

Mrs H Franklin - Business

Mrs V Gadd - Science

Mrs K Gerry - Science

Mrs C Gilson - RE

Miss J Guy - Psychology/Sociology

Mr L Harpur - History

Mrs K Hind - Maths

Miss L Kitchen - Maths (temporary)

Mr R Hammond - Art

Mr M Ibrahim - Maths (temporary)

Ms S Jones - Science

Mr J Kelman - Technology

Mrs A Keating-Fedders - Maths

Mr J Kelly - Geography (temporary)

Mrs L Lawrence - History

Mrs H Lewis - Technology / Geography

Miss F Lori - Maths

Mrs H MacFarlane - English

Mrs L Maddalena-Smart - MFL

Mrs F Marcus - Geography / Extended Studies

Mr A Magotte - Head of MFL

Mrs S Midgley - Subject Development Leader (English)

Mrs S Morris - Business / Geography

Mr C Newton - RE

Ms A Nield - Art / Photography

Mr J Nichols - RE / Music

Mrs J Nichols - Science

Mr D O’Neill - English

Ms A Page - English

Mr R Pattinson - Head of Science

Mr M Pattinson - Head of Technology

Mrs C Pickard - SENCO / Geography

Mrs K Quick - MFL

Mrs F Robinson - Maths (Temporary)

Mr I Robinson - ICT / Computing

Mrs R Robinson - Head of Music

Mrs L Roberts - Science

Mr A Roche - Head of PE

Miss C Seager - PE

Mr C Siburn - Head of Drama

Mr R Silk - Maths

Mr M Sims - Head of Maths

Miss L Sturman - English

Miss J Tooke - Technology

Mr C Tournay-Godfrey - Business

Miss C Williams - Food Technology / Textiles

Mrs V Williamson - Geography

Mrs E Wise - Head of Humanities

Mrs A Wright - Head of Creative and Performing Arts

Support Staff

Miss C Adams - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Ambrose - HLTA

Mrs H Arthur - Key Stage 3 Student Support Lead

Mrs J Attwood - Cover Supervisor

Mr K Bennett - Senior ICT Technician

Mrs A Body - Reprographics Technician

Mrs J Boosey - Head of Learning Support

Mrs H Carter - Exams Assistant / Careers Co-Ordinator

Mr K Chapman - Premises Worker

Mr M Clarke - DT Technician

Mr R Denny - Premises Manager

Miss K Edwards - Lay Chaplain

Mrs C Gibbons - Department Admin Assistant

Miss J Gillingwater - Science Technician

Mrs B Gorham - HLTA

Mrs L Gittins - Office Manager

Mr S Griffin - IT Technician

Mr C Heale - Science Technician

Mrs J Heale - Senior Science Technician

Mrs K Jones - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Kenney - Administrative Assistant

Mrs H Lawson - Finance Assistant

Mr T Line - IT Manager

Mr G Lloyd - Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Lockwood - Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Love - Data Manager

Mr R Moulding - Attendance and Admissions Officer

Mrs C O’Donoghue - Art Technician / CPA Admin Assistant

Mrs H Norton - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Parker - Finance Assistant

Mrs A Reeve - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Shemming - Exams Officer / Careers Co-ordinator

Mr R Smy - Finance Manager

Mr M Southgate - Premises Worker

Mrs P Swann - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor / Receptionist

Ms B Thomas - Pastoral Administrator

Mrs S Way - Library Assistant

Miss C Webber - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Welham - Department Administrator

Miss A Westgate - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Whent - Food Technician

Mrs V White - Receptionist

Mrs J Wright - Specialist Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Yellop - Teaching Assistant