St Alban's Catholic High School



Curriculum Content

7 to 9

The outline for Physical Education at Key Stage 3 is aimed to develop flexibility and personalised learning. The KS3 curriculum is based around four key concepts:

• Selecting skills

• Tactical application

• Evaluation

• Knowledge of fitness and health


Instead of teaching a specific sport when outwitting opponents the focus in year 7 is to teach concepts of all invasive games through a series of ‘Hybrid Games’. These games have been designed by the department to give students the necessary skills and knowledge to play any invasive game where the ability to outwit an opponent is key. students are also given opportunities to develop their skills in a variety of roles that promote life-skills such as captain, warm-up coach and equipment manager.


Moving into year 8 students take what they have learned during year 7 and begin to focus on specific sports such as rugby and netball. During this time they will develop the core skills of the game and develop a more in depth understanding of fitness and health.


The focus in year 9 whilst still developing the core skills of each game puts far more emphasis on the tactical aspects of each game and the various specialist positions/roles that are required to perform at a competitive level. This is also an opportunity for students to experience more GCSE specific content as they continue their journey to choosing their subjects for GCSE study.

10 & 11

During KS4 all students participate in core PE for 75 minutes per week. Although non examined students are still expected to work hard to develop additional skills in leadership and teamwork. During the core PE program students may choose one of 3 pathways to follow:






Each pathway offers a variety of sports and an opportunity for students to develop new skills and to challenge themselves without the pressure of assessments or formal exams.



For those students who wish to study examination level PE the school offers the Edexcel GCSE full course which is split 60% Theory classroom based content and 40% practical sporting content. At the end of the qualification students are required to sit two written examinations and a live practical performance during which they are required to perform in 3 sporting activities live in front of a moderator from Edexcel.


For detailed information about the possible sports for assessment and the breakdown of the theoretical aspects of the course please click the link below to download the full specification:


12 & 13

A Level Physical Education

A level physical education is the first stepping stone into the world of sports science. Candidates are required to demonstrate a wide variety of skills to be successful on this course.

From September 2017 A Level PE is a linear course where all credit for assessment is awarded at the end of year 13. Students will study a variety of topics spanning 7 units. The basic assessment breakdown can be seen below:




For detailed information please click the link below to view the full specification