St Alban's Catholic High School

PiXL Edge

What is PiXL Edge?

At St Alban's Catholic High School we want to support our students' learning and personal growth in the most effective way possible.  As of September 2018, we are launching an exciting new programme called PiXL Edge, initially aimed at Year 9 students, but with the vision of enrolling Year 7 and Year 8 students by September 2019.  PiXL Edge is designed to help students develop the skills desired by employers alongside their academic studies.

The programme accredits students for completing challenges that demonstrate five key attributes desired by employers (LORIC):

  • Leadership

  • Organisation

  • Resilience

  • Initiative

  • Communication

At Apprentice level students have to complete two activities for each attribute, a total of ten challenges to complete the level and receive accreditation.

How does PiXL Edge work?

All Year 9 students have a username and password for the PiXL Edge website.  The website contains a database of hundreds of challenges that can be searched by each LORIC attribute, keyword or subject. Students must select their challenge and write a statement explaining what they intend to do, how they intend to complete it and what skills they hope to gain from completing the activity.  They must also write a target completion date for each activity.  If they cannot find a challenge to match what they intend to do, students must speak to Mr Deacon (Head of Year 9) who can submit the challenge for approval, which just takes a few days.

Once they have completed a challenge, they can log back onto the website to write a detailed evaluation, using the keywords, instructions and tips available.  They must click the button to say they have completed the activity and ensure their Form Tutor has seen the necessary evidence (certificate, photographs, signed statement etc).

How can I progress even further through PiXL Edge?

All Year 9 students will start at Apprentice level, which requires the completion of ten challenges, which all tend to be one-off challenges or take less than a term to complete.  Once completed, students will be invited to move to Graduate level, where eight longer term and more complex challenges must be completed.

We would expect all students starting PiXL Edge in Year 9 to have completed the Apprenticeship level by the end of Year 9 at the latest.  This will enable the most motivated students to work towards achieving the Graduate level by the end of Year 10.

Celebrate PiXL Edge

We believe that the skills demonstrated by students in attaining PiXL Edge Apprentice and Graduate level are invaluable for their future careers and fully intend to celebrate their success and achievements.  Students will be presented with Certificates along with celebration events and activities we hope to hold in school.

We are actively seeking industry partners to work with us to deliver a programme that prepares students fully for life beyond St Alban's Catholic High School and helps us to celebrate success.  If you are interested in getting involved, please do not hesitate to contact Mr B Deacon, Head of Year 9.

Useful PiXL Edge resources :