St Alban's Catholic High School

Catholic Life

Diocesan Inspection Report

Catholic Schools are also subject to a Diocesan Inspection, carried out under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005.

Click here to see the full inspection report from the Catholic Education Service (Latest version June 2013)

Religious Education

Serving our community

Weekly Mass

Each Wednesday, students are invited to celebrate Mass together. This allows students to pray and reflect on the Word of God and to receive the Eucharist. All students are welcome irrespective of their faith tradition.

Mass throughout the school year

The school community comes together to celebrate key events in the Church’s liturgical calendar. This enhances the school’s Catholic identity and enables both students and staff to grow in the knowledge and understanding of God. We also celebrate Mass to mark key events in a students’ life at St Alban’s; Year 7 Welcome, Year 11 preparing for examinations and a Year 13 Leaver’s. Each of the Houses celebrate their Saints feast day beginning with Mass and composing of fundraising events to support the Schools’ charities.

Ethos and Values


The school recognises the importance of ‘time away’ from regular routine and offers students a variety of retreat experiences. Years 7, 9, 10 and 11 have a one day retreat with gives time for reflection and prayer to help them grow emotionally, socially and spiritually. Year 8 have the opportunity for a week’s retreat at The Briars Catholic Retreat Centre in Derbyshire. The theme of the week is ‘Being a Super Hero’ and students are able to explore their own relationships and those with other people in a safe and secure environment. Their prayer experience is widened and developed throughout the week.

The Importance of Prayer

St Alban

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